"Poems" and thoughts from a life spent learning through the heart

An old beautiful song my sad heart understands too well...

I think in the video below, he is talking about some of what I experienced....not all of it but some of it. Another way to say it: we move from a dimension where duality dominates our way of seeing things into a dimension with a clearer more complete unified view of self and reality. Accepting both aspects of reality does not equal accepting evil in this world. Rather, it makes us gifted at overcoming and transforming it into goodness. The little animal on the board does not look like he has sawed off stumps to me, they look like adorable little paws holding on that remind me of my guinea pig Puppy ♥





I was born to disturb the sounds of silence. I will never stop, until my last breath. Please see, awaken and join me-help humanity awaken and travel the path back to the source of our souls, before it is too late.



The Emperor Has No Clothes


Today is my father's birthday and death date.

He had a painful life.

He was born with the vision of older days, and this world is afraid of those who can see.

When I was very small, he told me the story "The Emperor's New Clothes".

He asked me if I would be able to speak up like the child in the story. I said yes. He said are you sure? It can be hard.


I said I was sure. Because I felt it in my heart, the only way to truly know anything in this strange world.


This day, the emperor stands before me naked while all make a grand fuss about him. In their hypnotized frenzy, they hurt themselves.


The day to speak up has arrived.

This pandemic is not what it appears as on little screens.

The vaccine is genetic engineering (its in the patents). It changes DNA.

We are witnessing the bio-engineering of humanity.

The emperor has no clothes.


I told so many today and yesterday and I will again tomorrow. No matter what. Because I truly understand the emperor has no clothes.


And man must tell man the truth or we have no hope. I live as another drop in the bucket that leads back to our humanness.


See Dad, what came of that day and my life? The light of truth lives on in me.

Thank you.




Will We Remember Our Humanity?

What is a human life on Earth? A spark of Creator, a shooting star across space time.

A jewel of precious spiritual energy that gives rise to matter, experience and a body here in this third dimension for a time.

What is it to be human? To be given the gift of free will? As above so below, from the thoughts of God down to the physical things I touch here...I live in a current of repeating cycles, living out the story handed to me by the destiny of Creator's thoughts. 

But with my precious free will, I can reflect the repeating story back in new and beautiful ways.  God gave me the gift to live my own story so my soul will learn and grow into perfection over vast experience.

What is it to lose humanity? We lose our own innate way of thinking, acting and living in this place. We let new alien associations and dark ideas enter our minds through glowing beeping pixels on screens crackling with energy most do not understand yet.

We allow our reasoning and behavior to undergo operant conditioning. We think we are having a nice time, making friends, exploring the world on a glowing screen, learning new things.  But are we becoming better?

We are changed. We think differently than what our soul meant to express in this life when we volunteer to program our minds with cold empty technological ways by looking and tapping dozens of times a day.

We lose some of the gift of our free will without even knowing it.

Our soul lives a life that thinks and reacts from a programmed place- someone else's ethics, values and associations- empty and void of empathy. Vain, cold, hard, self-centered. "Living your life out loud". But is it even living?

How much of ourselves will be lost to technology before we see our humanity is dying because of it?

The spiritual and the physical cannot be separated. The spiritual gives rise to the physical. We are energy existing in multiple dimensions. The part of us that goes on, that feels and dreams and loves and hopes to do beautiful things with our lives, the part of us that feels true joy and empathy, it can be killed off.  It can be ended by our choices here if we are unwise.  It happens slowly.  So many never notice.

What is it to reclaim my humanity in this age? It is to understand this physical body is a conduit for spiritual consciousness from another higher dimension- the soul. It is to remember who I am on a soul level and why I am here.

It is to find the true spark of Creator within my heart that is me. I am not the body, I am the infinite consciousness here to learn by natural events and associations.

My reasoning, my behavior will not be altered and changed from its goodness by flashing beeping pixels. I choose empathy. I choose God, the Creator of life. I choose my soul's integrity. I choose to see the unhealthy glittering unreal illusion of online culture. I know man can be so much better.

I walk away from the internet's former hold on my mind and live from my soul in love.

No nets will imprison this soul.