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Large Amethyst Elestial Flower Crystal Pendant

  • Large Amethyst Elestial Flower Crystal Pendant
  • Large Amethyst Elestial Flower Crystal Pendant
  • Large Amethyst Elestial Flower Crystal Pendant
  • Large Amethyst Elestial Flower Crystal Pendant
  • Large Amethyst Elestial Flower Crystal Pendant

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This is a large statement piece meant for those who enjoy wearing bold crystal jewelry. Pendant measures 4 inches long including the handmade bail. Pendant weighs 1 ounce.

Unwrapped large amethyst elestial crystal cluster measures 32 mm long, 25 mm wide and 21 mm thick; it weighs 19.2 grams.

Hand crafted in sterling silver wire with a sparkling Swarovski crystal and authentic Venetian glass beads.

Comes with a chocolate brown satin cord and a card telling about the metaphysical properties of elestial amethyst.

Amethyst elestials have strong energy. I was drawn to them from a distance and immediately loved them, knew they needed to come home with me. The energy is sweet and high vibration, not unlike celestite and vera cruz amethyst. This crystal carries all the inherent energies of amethyst, but in addition is thought to connect the crown and heart chakras, soothe despair and resonate very well with Indigo children.

My handmade original, infused with love! Comes in a lavender satin gift bag with a card explaining the metaphysical properties of this high vibration crystal.

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Amethyst Elestial Crystals: These wrinkled, bumpy, lacy looking crystals from Southern India are regular amethyst that has grown in the complex elestial form, very closely related to amethyst flowers. They possess all the base energies of amethyst-believed to be a stone of spirituality and contentment. Amethyst was said to be the stone of sobriety in ancient times, carried to ward off drunkenness. Considered a “natural tranquilizer” by some because of its reported calming effect and serene energy. Thought to aid in meditation, help with insomnia, balance the wearer’s energy, cleanse the aura and provide a sense of peace. Also said to encourage selflessness and freedom from ego while opening and activating the crown chakra. In addition, this elestial form of amethyst is believed to help overcome emotional burdens, bringing the heart and intellect into synchronicity, connecting the heart and crown chakras. It is said to give true understanding of our spiritual, non-physical nature and to promote self-actualization, self-forgiveness and self-love. Indigo children will have an affinity for this crystal. It is thought to be useful for alleviating states of despair and discouragement. Those who have used this type of crystal for meditation report it helps provide a big picture understanding of the true nature of existence in the physical world and the reasons behind it. This crystal is said to emit strong energy that even the non-sensitive can experience!

(These properties are subjective in nature...they came from intuitive information. Use your own discrimination to interpret these ideas)!

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