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Nirvana Quartz Crystal 14K GF Handmade Pendant

  • Nirvana Quartz Crystal 14K GF Handmade Pendant
  • Nirvana Quartz Crystal 14K GF Handmade Pendant
  • Nirvana Quartz Crystal 14K GF Handmade Pendant
  • Nirvana Quartz Crystal 14K GF Handmade Pendant
  • Nirvana Quartz Crystal 14K GF Handmade Pendant

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Pendant measures just over 1.75 inches long, including the bail.

Unwrapped blush pink terminated crystal point measures 24 mm long, 19 mm wide and 16 mm deep; it weighs 9.6 grams.

Hand crafted in 14k gold filled wire with tiny faceted pink moonstone beads and a Venetian glass wedding cake bead from Murano, Italy!

Comes with a chocolate brown satin cord and cards telling about the metaphysical properties of Nirvana Himalayan Ice Quartz and also the crystal healer message about these crystals.

This group of crystals had a clairaudient message given through a crystal healer. This kind of crystal goes by many names: Rosie Kullu, Himalayan Ice Quartz, Nirvana Quartz and Growth Interference Crystal. Due to planetary changes, ice has been disappearing from some of the higher elevations in the Himalayas...these crystals were hiding in the ice for eons and became available to mankind (discovered in 2006).

I call this a 'talking crystal' because these crystals have had a message delivered through a woman who experiences what seems to be clairaudience when it comes to crystals (they speak to her). Here is what the Himalayan Ice crystals had to say to her:

--Hello. We are here to share our message...
--Thank you for allowing us to share our message
--We move mountains
--Yes, we were found on a mountain and yes, we said we move mountains
--We can move any mountain but mostly we focus on the mountains over your heart
--So many of you have so much damage to your pure and gentle hearts and it makes us so sad
--We will move mountains and heaven and earth and day into night whatever it takes to help your hearts heal
--We were so happy when we started being found because it meant now we could start our healing work
--We know that you like many others have been subjected to many harsh things on this earth plane which has caused heart energy damage and a feel like one must shut that area down to protect it
--We say *NO!*, hearts should be wide open and giving and sharing with everyone and we hope to accomplish this one person at a time
--We are patient, we will heal and open one person at a time if needed until all are healed and open again
--We will also help keep any new damage from occurring
--So you can know that if you have some of us in your lives you can do nothing but continue to heal in the heart area
--More damage occurring will not be possible
--You may be presented with situation where you think damage may have occurred (until the earth is fixed) but we will not allow any of those things to permanently affect you...ever again
--Yes, we are that good and yes we are very serious when we say we can move mountains
--Have many of us in your life, there cannot be too many
--Please also share us with others, there is much heart healing to be done
--We heal all creatures of the earth, not just humans...even plants and insects have heart energies
--Try putting one of us with a sick plant and see what happens
--We will move that mountain of sickness and allow the heart energies to shine again
--We are done and we send nothing but overwhelming amounts of love
--From our hearts to yours
--Yes, we have hearts too

My handmade original, infused with love.

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Himalayan Ice Quartz: Also called Nirvana Quartz, Growth Interference Quartz and Kullu Rosie Quartz. These crystals were discovered in late 2006 in The Kullu Pass of Northern India, in the Himalayan Mountains. They appear to have been hidden in the ice for eons at this extremely high elevation region. Recently, due to planetary changes, the ice has begun melting, revealing these gems of precious, angelic energy and beauty! They are thought to be of extremely high vibration, to connect directly with angelic vibrations and to facilitate a wide opening of our heart chakras! It is said that they assist us in walking through earthly traumas, strongly connect us to higher planes and provide us with an energy of universal protection, allowing clear vision and empowerment in our lives. It has also been said that they provide incredible grounding and centering, and are a highly desirable tool for “light workers” or reiki practitioners/other energy healers. The crystals’ pink hue is imparted due to the trace presence of hematite in many of the specimens (regular rose quartz acquires its pink hue from trace titanium). Their characteristic rugged and verrugated surface reveals that they are a form of growth interference quartz- quartz that began to crystallized in the presence of a second mineral (often calcite) which later dissolved and washed away close to the full completion of the crystallization. The result is numerous pockets, nooks and crannies where the second mineral used to reside. In addition, some of these crystals demonstrate a lovely high pitched tone when tapped against each another, making them a form of singing quartz (thought to facilitate a kind of sound healing and to originate and resonate with extraterrestrial intelligence). Many of these crystals exhibit a spiraled or helical type formation, which is quite rare in the mineral kingdom. Most people who interact with these unusual crystals agree that they feel quite special and are wonderful to have around!

Moonstone: Known to many as the stone of new beginnings. It is said to soothe emotional instability, stress and strong reactions to situations. It is also believed to eliminate tunnel vision and open the mind to a variety of positive possibilities. Has a very feminine, empathetic energy.

(these properties are subjective in nature...they came from intuitive information. Use your own discrimination to interpret these ideas)!

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