Rough Tanzanite Sapphire Ruby Sterling Pendant


These three rough stones go together beautifully in color, form and energy to create a rustic adornment! Blue and red corundum are a form of rough sapphire and rough ruby, although the rough form slightly differs in crystalline structure from gem grade transparent corundum sapphire and ruby.

Pendant measures 2 inches long including the bail.

Unwrapped rough tanzanite crystal measures 15 mm long, 11 mm wide and 10 mm deep; it weighs 2 grams (10 carats). Unwrapped rough red corundum ruby crystal in middle measures 9 mm long, 11 mm wide and 7 mm deep; it weighs 1.9 grams (9.5 carats). Unwrapped rough blue corundum sapphire crystal on bottom measures 8 mm long, 11 mm wide and 8 mm deep; it weighs 2.2 grams (11 carats).

Handmade in sterling silver.

Comes with a satin cord

My handmade original, infused with love!

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