Fairy Aura Chalcedony Rosette Wire Wrapped Pendant
Etched Lavender Amethyst Crystal Pendant with Fairy and Nirvana Quartz
Etched Lavender Amethyst Crystal Woven Wire Wrap Pendant
Etched Lavender Amethyst Crystal Sterling Pendant
Madagascar Amethyst Terminated Scepter Crystal Pendant
Amethyst Reverse Scepter Crystal Handmade Pendant
Fairy Castle Quartz Crystal Handmade Sterling Silver Pendant
Blue Peruvian Opal Wire Wrapped 14K GF Pendant
Pastel Blue Fairy Aura Drusy Pendant
Frosted Scepter Quartz Crystal Pendant
Harlequin Fire Quartz Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant
Bashful Fairy Aura Geode Sterling Filigree Pendant
Aura Amethyst Woven Wire Wrapped Pendant
Terminated Peridot Cathedral Crystal Handmade Pendant
Ruby in Fuchsite Handmade Pendant
Amethyst Scepter Crystal Artisan Pendant
Amethyst Scepter Crystal Handmade Pendant
Amethyst Flower Elestial Crystal Pendant
Amethyst Scepter Extraterrestrial Crystal Pendant
Unakite Handmade Bronze Wire Wrapped Pendant
Chunky Morganite Crystal Handmade Pendant
Bird's Wing Aura Kyanite Handmade Pendant
Fairy Aura Chalcedony Rosette Artisan Pendant
Rare Naturally Terminated Rough Rose Quartz Crystal Point Pendant
Rough Aquamarine Crystal Handmade Pendant
Morganite Crystal Handmade Filigree Pendant
Larimar Handmade Filigree Wire Wrapped Pendant
Large Amethyst Elestial Flower Crystal Pendant
Vera Cruz Amethyst Crystal Handmade Pendant